What’s LIVA?

Why can't I wear half the clothes they show off on the ramp? Could I actually get something that celebrates every curve on my body, without making me feel guilty about it? Isn't fashion about feeling good, and not just looking good? Could fashion actually be my friend?

It's time to change the game. It’s time to usher in the era of 'Fluid Fashion'. It's time for LIVA, where fashion feels as good as it looks!

The launch of LIVA not only marked a shift in the fashion industry but also provided one of the finest man-made fibers, the world has ever seen. We at BIRLA have always believed in celebrating people hence, LIVA was introduced with an aim to make fashion accessible to everyone making it a proud moment for us....

With LIVA, you are not just wearing the clothes, but experiencing richness that has been delicately and carefully made, just for you. The very touch of our soft and fluid clothing on your skin, its durability and breathability, all these attributes have been scientifically researched and developed to make you, the wearer, experience clothing at its most luxurious state.

In our relentless quest to make a magical fabric has led us to developing LIVA, also known as the ‘Fluid Fashion’, owes this name to its characteristics of being soft, breathable, and comfortable along with being a 100% natural fabric. The sheer gentleness of the fabric on your skin will make your skin leap with joy giving you the confidence in being comfortable with the person you are. The fabric has been crafted so carefully that the richness will fall delicately on your body making you fall in love with yourself all over again.

LIVA branded viscose fiber marked a new milestone for us in our journey to achieve sustainable production thereby leading the way towards having a better environment. LIVA is harnessed from the pulp of wood of trees which is readily available in the environment. The usage of the wood leads to planting of more trees and reduction in wastage of non-renewable resources that used to create the alternative options. As a practice we have also avoided the usage of endangered trees as the source of our product. Thus, the consumption of LIVA ensures that they are using a more environmentally conscious option.

LIVA is yet again our effort to further sustainable change by providing alternatives to cotton and polyester whose usage is not beneficial for the environment. Along with sustainability another added benefit that we provide is that of product traceability.

(When an error takes place through one of the stages of fabric making, there is a high chance that it goes unnoticed and is carried on throughout the process which is reflected in the final output. A faulty product is the worst thing to happen to a company as even one faulty product tarnishes the name of the company tremendously. To counter this we have built a system to track the source of the fault and rectify the mistake that very moment to eliminate the error and the faulty product.)

Through the introduction of LIVA we aim to touch the live of humans all across the world.LIVA provides you with a luxury that you deserve, and the respect that our environment is entitled to.

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