LIVA Accredited Partner Forum

LIVA Accredited Partner Forum is a consortium of world class Spinners, Weavers, Knitters and Processors committed towards quality and innovations using fibres from Birla Cellulose. The community works together to meet the global standards, scale and capabilities thereby placing India on the global map.

The customer demand from the textile industry is increasing, mandating the companies to step up their game. We at LIVA have always been the pioneers of change in the industry and yet again have proved the same through LIVA Accredited Partners Forum (LAPF)....

LAPF is a consortium of spinning, weaving, knitting, and processing enterprises working relentlessly towards delivering the best to the customers India. It is the first one-stop shop of India to tackle the problems faced by the industry as well as the environment. This worthy initiative finally answers the age-old issues of having manufacturing units at different places faced during the textile making process which gives rise to lack of traceability of products, manufacturing non- sustainable products, and maintaining quality of the textiles that are produced.

Our business community shares an approach that not only works towards meeting global standards of quality, but also achieving an environmental awareness and action that works towards repairing our planet. All fabrics go through rigid and well-established quality examinations that ensure a consistent and top-quality yield, making LAPF a benchmark in sustainability and quality.

Our commitment towards providing the best for the entire market has led us to expand in various sectors of the industry such as high-end fashion for women’s apparel, men’s apparel, home textiles and non-woven industry. With such a wide range of products we are leading the way for India to be placed as a competitor in the world market.

We also believe that partnering with like-minded enterprises will give us the opportunity to learn something new along with spreading our message of using sustainable products. Our dedicated team of experts, through LAPF calls out to manufacturers who share the same ideology to be a part of the consortium to make a difference to people’s lives as well as the environment.

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Who can be part of this program

Enterprises from the Textile Value Chain such as Spinners, Weavers, Knitters and Processors with a focus on quality, adequate technology and production capability are eligible to join the LIVA Accreditation Program. They are shortlisted through third party audits and checks, in order to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Manufacturers from all over the country, whether urban or rural, specializing in their core competence and striving to bring a sustainable future closer to us, in style, are the people we wish to represent through this forum....

Under the LAPF initiative, enterprises that have expertise in Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, and Processing/finishing units are free to apply in order to be associated with us at this forum. We have a strict screening process where only those who follow quality management system, have high practical production capacity, have a design and innovation team which relentlessly work towards making better products, and follow a standard quality check system etc. are only eligible to be chosen. This helps us in maintaining the quality standards of all the products that leave the forum and enter the market carrying our brand name and the name of the associated partners.

Join our community of leading fabric manufacturers and innovators with the LIVA Accreditation Program. In order to maintain the highest standards of quality, a shortlisting procedure will take place through third party audits and checks.

We have a lot in store for our partners. Together we can make the textile industry more vibrant and greener for our future generations.

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