License Liva Tag

Liva Tag LIVA through its relentless efforts is keeping up with the dynamics of the textile market and its users. Having created products which have never disappointed anyone, our goodwill has benefitted everyone associated with us. Partnering with LIVA gives you the opportunity to flaunt the LIVATag on your product which helps in the expansion of your business. Join us and Discover the perks of being with us.

Continous Supply


We at LIVA have transformed into a big provider of raw material supplying to almost all the big brands. To block all obstacles we have developed an efficient system which ensures continuous supply of fabric without affecting the quality. The LAPF system in which all the manufacturing units are placed under one platform enables faster production with lesser wastage of resources. This has kept our customers satisfied who in turn have maintained their loyalty to our fibres.


Quality Assurance

One thing that we are very particular about is that we wish to provide the best quality of our product to each of the customer consistently. For this there are various checks that have been designed throughout the processing system to ensure that the fault at the end of one process is not carry forwarded to another one. Due to this strive towards delivering the best the LIVATag that the Partners can use holds immense goodwill in the market. Join us to see the magic!



LIVA reflects the lifestyle of the modern-age people who want fly as free as a bird. This new age natural fabric, made from natural fibre that breathes a rich smooth quality into fabrics allows you to cut and style the garment to complement the body, and give the modern men and women freedom they seek from boxy, restrictive, stifling, uncomfortable garments. Are you ready to flaunt the LIVA tag in your latest collection and be a part of this movement?


Benefits you'll enjoy

Here's what our trusted retail partners stand to gain from the LIVA Association: