LAPF partners third visit to

The FABTEX event in Mumbai saw the participation of over 70 exhibitors including Fabricators, Processors & Fabric Traders. This is the third time Liva and its LAPF partners have participated in a FABTEX event. The purpose behind this was to use Liva Pavillion as a platform to allow LAPF members to promote their viscose-made products effectively. And while 11 of our partners chose to participate with us as a part of Liva Pavillion, the other 12 successfully exhibited their products individually. The event received a footfall of over 2,000 people in just 3 days.

Kolkata Fabric Expo explores new possibilities for sarees made with Liva

Liva announced its entry into the ‘saree category’ this week at country’s largest ethnic wear event- the Kolkata Fashion Expo.

Sponsored and presented by Liva, the event's attractions also included showcasing a variety of Liva fabrics.

Premium labels including Parasmani, Surya Sarees, Parvati Fabrics and many others also presented their contemporary festive collection “Reimagined” with Liva. Indian celebrity and fashionista, Mandira Bedi was also one of the many designers to craft and showcase her Liva fabric infused collection on the ramp.

Various Liva partners from different textile hubs around the country such as Varanasi, Chanderi, Bhagalpur, Salem, Kolkata, Delhi and Surat also showcased their latest collection of sarees and lehengas at the Liva Pavilion. Value Chain Partners from prominent hubs also showcased their collections at the lounge for the first time.

The event received an overwhelming response and was attended by over 1,500+ retailers, boutique owners and wholesalers from all over India including top players like Nalli’s, Chennai Silks and Manyavaar amongst others. Liva leveraged its attributes of drape, natural sheen and softness to re-imagine the saree in a new way for its customers. To better suit the needs of the value chain, LIVA also introduced new blends for both occasion and regular wear.

Mr. Dilip Gaur, the Managing Director of Grasim Industries Ltd., believes that Saree is an iconic category, but its growth has been sluggish in comparison to other women’s wear categories. Which is why there is a strong need for innovation brought about with Liva, and its fluidity.

Hub Development Meet at
Bhagalpur talks of increasing
share in specialty products

Bhagalpur Hub has a total volume consumption of about 1,200 TPM, of which about 400 tonnes is viscose. Over 104 partners including Spinners, Yarn Traders, Weavers & Processors along with buyers such as RMKV, FabIndia, Gokul Tex, and Korat Silk Mills joined us at The Hub Development meet at Bhagalpur. Not only was this an effort to increase their share in specialty products like Modal and Exel, this event also provided an excellent opportunity to improve awareness about Liva as a fabric. Special guests of the event included: Deputy Commissioner of Weavers Service Centre, Senior Scientist of Central Silk Board, Chairman of Bhagalpur Handloom Weavers Co-op Society and MLA of Bhagalpur.

Swedish Style Mumbai presents
opportunity to connect
with international labels

Swedish Style Mumbai, Indo – Sweden Art Festival, Mumbai was the prime location to highlight the sustainability and design capabilities of Birla Cellulose and Liva fabric. And although our LIVAEco booth was pretty minimalistic, we were excited to present our thoughts in the panel discussion on- The future of fashion: sustainability, innovation, and smart textiles. Not only did the event give us a good platform to present the capabilities of the fabric, it also provided us with the opportunity to network with Swedish brands like IKEA and H&M.

Bira cellulose presented its fiber
offering at the Farm to Finish
Expo organised by SIMA.

A variety of product offerings made of Viscose, Modal, Spunshades and Excel were showcased at the event-highlighting the Sustainability credentials through Livaeco.

Liva presents INTIMASIA at the
2019 Kolkata Fashion Expo

LIVA marked it presence at INTIMASIA 2019 in Kolkata. LIVA, along with its partner brands like Arvind, Gemini, Prisma, Crazy Penguins, & Tom Burg showcased a variety collections featuring lingerie, men' s intimate wear, children's inner wear, shapewear made using Birla Viscose and Birla Modal fibres. Liva’s application in Camisole and Lounge Wear was extremely well received by the exhibitors and retailers. LIVA is set to expand its presence in the intimate wear category, given that the industry is expected to grow by around 12% in the coming years. “The objective of participating in the show was to strengthen the reach and relations with partner brands and increase Liva’s presence in intimate wear category. The exhibition proved to be an excellent platform to showcase our consumer focused offerings and gain valuable insights from the buyers through whom the customized offering were procured.”
– A spokesperson from Birla Cellulose.

The Source India 2019, Mumbai
event organised by SRTEPC.

The sustainability and credibility of Liva fabric were promoted through Livaeco.

Yarn, Fabric and Accessories
Trade Show 2019, Ludhiana

Liva received an overwhelming response at the Yarn, Fabric and Accessories Trade Show 2019, held in Ludhiana. Visitors were quick to appreciate the quality and trendiness of Liva garments crafted by our partners- Prisma Leggings, Monica Collection, Aswira Premium Fabrics, Vandan Silk Mills and Swami Textiles. Various new brands at the expo have also expressed an interest to be associated with Liva.

“Strengthening the reach and relations with partner brands as well as increasing our presence in the value chain were two key objectives of participating in the show. The outpour of positive response from the visitors and multiple business leads procured through the course of the event has greatly contributed to the success of Liva’s presence at the show.”
- Spokesperson from Birla Cellulose.


Liva goes digital

Promoted the Liva TVC on digital for reach amplification. Overall campaign well received by consumers with a total reach of 9.9 Mn and 100% view through rate of 40% (total spends of 25L)

Liva’s Digital Campaign takes to malls

Collaboration with Pinkvilla (3.5 Mn followers) to create buzz about Liva mall activation in Oberoi Mall garnering 1.4 Mn reach through Facebook, Instagram and their website

Liva Eco’s Responsible Fashion initiative on World Environment day

Liva comes in with #VoteForResponsibleFashion, Campus connect and YOLO collection by W to form a 3 phase campaign that promotes responsible fashion.

Campus Influencer: We reached out to the younger cohort of LIVA TG by taking on 30 Campus Ambassadors to spread the word about Liva Eco. Getting 1,49,025 organic impressions

#VoteforResponsibleFashion: Our Facebook Campaign on World Environments day to #VoteforResponsibleFashion and create awareness connect with Liva Eco had a reach of 6.5 Million.

Co-marketing with W: LivaEco based YOLO collection by W was promoted through Facebook, GDN campaigns. The campaign performed really well getting 28 Million Impressions and 400k clicks (CTR was 1.2% vs.avg CTR of 0.3%)

Liva participates in Myntra’s EORS

Liva SIS on Myntra partnered up with 15+ brand and category labels tagged as LIVA to promote the fabric. Getting over 10 Million views in 4 days with a total of 29,000 SKUs sold.

Liva’s Always-on content

Designer collection promotions SS19,
Topical – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,
Search Engine Optimisation,
Co-marketing posts

SUTA Campagin

Liva enriched sarees were launched through a co-marketing campaign with our brand partner SUTA.

The brand Campaign reached over 8L people and garnered a whopping 1.25 million impressions.

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